History of a Name

Teatro Opera di Firenze-Maggio Musicale Fiorentino MºBoi e MºBaccianti

The idea of ​​the Baton  ABL was born from my passion in working with wood, but it took shape thanks to the suggestion of a very dear friend and colleague: Maestro Luigi Baccianti, Music Director of Stage and Teacher Suggestion of the Florence-May Opera Theater Florentine Musical. Hence the true meaning of ABL, that is my initials and the name of Luigi: Andrea Boi Luigi or A B L, as a tribute to a dear friend.

Tested by him personally the batons are a comfortable work tool, as built according to your needs and with a touch of elegance

Teatro Opera di Firenze-Maggio Musicale Fiorentino MºBaccianti in rehearsal by ABL

The very first model was completely in wood but then discovering cork I found great satisfaction in working this material.